Yura Mitskevich
Cheif Executive Officer


Yura Mitskevich is a seasoned commercial real estate professional with over a decade of industry experience. During his career, Yura originated and executed numerous real estate transactions including investment sales and acquisitions, equity and debt placement, restructurings and recapitalizations and commercial leasing. Yura’s work philosophy is that every client needs to receive a personalized approach, perfectly tailored to match their investment needs. This means being a professional who is accessible, efficient, knowledgeable and understanding. Yura's experience representing a wide variety of clients on both, the buy- and the sell- side, also make him a tough negotiator and a savvy advisor. Yura's goal is to consistently create value for his clients, developing long lasting relationships in the process. Yura started his real estate career as a real estate broker at BOND New York Properties in 2006 where he co-founded the CMR Group, which led BOND New York’s expansion into commercial real estate marketplace.
Yura Mitskevich founded Elbrus Capital Group in 2010 and co-founded Elbrus Capital Markets in 2020 to provide turnkey commercial real estate solutions to its clients and commercial real estate community. Yura is currently responsible for the oversight and day-to-day operations of Elbrus Capital Markets (ECM) and Elbrus Capital Group (ECG) that is focused primarily on principal investments, investment sales and acquisitions and commercial real estate advisory services.

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